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Alpha Numeric system of grading employees
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Chrm Message From: ruchika_talwar Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 22/08/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 08/10/2008 01:12:40 Points: 90 Location: United States


I was entering the empoyees in the system -  I mean new employees and I saw the alpha numeric method of grading employees. But I didnt know which grade for whom hence when I asked the payroll accountant he said that we simply enter as they all are too busy.

But I need to know properly before entering as which grade who ?must be  tagged to ?

So can anyone please guide me properly ...just throw some light into it ...

Thanks and regards


Chrm Message From: tesmian Total Posts: 63 Join Date: 22/08/2008  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 08/10/2008 01:21:11 Points: 315 Location: United States

Dear ruchika,

I am sure this wil help..

Human Resources
Levels Designation
0a Sr. Vice President –HR & Admin
0b Vice President – HR & Admin
0c Asst Vice President – HR & Admin
1a General Manager – HR & Admin
1b Asst. General Manager – HR & Admin
1c Sr. Manager – HR & Admin
1d Manager – HR & Admin
1e Asst. Manager – HR & Admin
3a Sr. Officer HR & Admin
3b Officer HR & Admin
3b Officer – Communications
4a Sr. Executive HR & Admin
4b Executive HR & Admin
4a Steno Secretary
4a Librarian
4a Stenographer
4a Receptionist
4a Sr. Security Officer
4b Security Officer
5a Sr. Office Asst.
5a Drivers
5b Office Assistant

Levels Designation
0a Sr. Vice President- Marketing
0b Vice President – Marketing
0c Asst Vice President- Marketing
1a General Manager – Marketing / Customer Care
1b Asst. General Manager Marketing / Customer Care
1c Sr. Manager – Marketing / Customer Care
1d Manager – Marketing / Customer Care
1e Asst. Manager- Marketing / Customer Care
3a Area Head – Marketing
3b Officer – Marketing
4a Sr. Executive Marketing / Customer Care
4b Executive – Marketing / Customer Care
4c Executive Data Entry
5a Executive Collection

Levels Designation
0a Sr. Vice President – Purchase
0b Vice President – Purchase
0c Asst. Vice President – Purchase
1a General Manager – Purchase
1b Asst. General Manager – Purchase
1c Sr. Manager – Purchase
1d Manager – Purchase
1e Asst. Manager – Purchase
3a Sr. Officer – Purchase
3b Officer – Purchase
4a Sr. Executive – Purchase
4b Executive – Purchase


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