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Dear all,

The beginnings of coaching come from the world of sport. No serious sportsperson would expect to reach national or international levels without a coach but their coach can't do all the training, hardwork and competing for them. Instead, the coach's role is to help unlock the athlete’s potential, reinforce strengths and counteract any negative beliefs, all with the aim of maximising performance.

Why should it be different for the rest of us?
That's why many people are turning to personal and executive coaching where the fundamental princi-ples and techniques of sports coaching have been adapted to cater for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and people in the midst of growth and change. Typically, a coach will work in partnership with the client to improve and enhance all areas of his life, business or career. They will work with the client to define where he wants to go and help him develop strategies for how to get there whether, it's about health, finance, relationships, career, work/life balance or business performance.

Coaching is based on the fundamental belief
that people have within them all the resources they need to achieve the things they truly desire. With the stresses and strains of today’s modern day life, often the way forward becomes foggy and unclear. A coach's role is to use effective questioning techniques to help guide the client through the fog, bring-ing clarity and purpose back into his life. Regular coaching sessions keep him on track and are a pow-erful means for implementing changes much faster than going it alone.

Through the process of coaching you can quickly enhance the quality of your life by
experiencing greater focus, clarity and purpose
- improving your performance in all areas of your life, business or career
- increasing your power and confidence
- eliminating stress and/or worry
- provoking breakthroughs
- achieving goals you could never reach on your own
- being more organized according to “first things first”
- taking control of your own destiny

The coaching program
A typical coaching program consists of one coaching session per week of 45 minutes duration. These are conducted preferably over the phone. Phone coaching eliminates travel time and provides greater flexibility because it means the client can be coached wherever he is, even overseas. Generally, a typical coaching process last a minimum of 12 weeks. Most coaches provide additional support through the electronic media.

Who are the clients?
Most of the people who use coaches are high achievers and/or people who want to get the best out of life. Typically they are unhappy and dissatisfied with some aspect of their life, business or career per-formance, and want to make changes that help them move forward. Often they have a friend or a col-league who has worked with a coach and been impressed by the results they have managed to achieve in a short space of time. Coaching works with people of all ages, backgrounds and areas of interest, and increasingly, employers are seeing the benefits of coaching for their managers and ex-ecutives.

Warm Regards


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