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Chrm Message From: debradutta Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 11/06/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 03/12/2008 10:30:31 Points: 90 Location: United States

Anyone here have given these certifications. I want to give one of these or both but it needs 2 years workexperience which I don't have. Could anybody suggest me any alternative? Also does giving these certifications really help us in the career?

Thanks in Advance,


Chrm Message From: Gene Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 11/06/2008  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 03/12/2008 10:32:44 Points: 5 Location: United States

Think you may want to visit the SHRM site and go to the HRIC section to get your answers. If know that if you are a student you can take the exam, but you will not earn the certification until you meet all the other requirements.

I sure, do not know why some one would want both a PHR and a GPHR at the same time. SPHR and a GPHR maybe. Just because you earn a certification, is no guarantee you will get a career boost from it. To me that is the wrong reason to get certificated. You do it to measure scope and depth of your HR knowledge. Sure it you apply for a job and the top to are very similar in experience, a certification may tip it in your favor.

Good Luck