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Campus Recruitment, Pls Advise..
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Chrm Message From: mohanty_bm Total Posts: 34 Join Date: 27/05/2007
Rank: Executive Post Date: 04/12/2008 08:25:05 Points: 170 Location: United States

Dear Experts,

Pls advise me on the practices followed at the campus recruitments. If you could give me a flow chart on the same, defining the entire process.


Chrm Message From: reshma bora Total Posts: 17 Join Date: 27/05/2007  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 04/12/2008 08:27:04 Points: 85 Location: United States

These are the following steps that should be caried out or taken care of while going for Campus drives.

1. Set an eligibility criteria as per your company standrads (e.g - marks of the candidates appearing,stream)

2. Give the full Job description to the placement co-ordinator and also let him know about the process and arrangements to be done at the venue (like classrooms, auditorium ,volunteers, LCD projectors.)

You can show a PPT about the organisation and interact with the candidates also if you want.

3. Now the action time... reach with your team @ the venue check the seating arrangements assign classrooms to your team brief them about the process ( divide the team into two one for evaluation of the test and other for Invigilation, Or if there is only one batch then both the thing can be done by the invigilator only .

4. Don't forget to make a control Room for your team to carry out the activities properly Oner team lead should move arround to ensure the process is moving smoothly . Care should be taken to take proper attendance and verify the candidates because it happens some time that false candidate take up the test. Also ask for the list of candidates who are eligible to sit in the palcement drive from placement co-ordinator and re-check that.

5. Ask the invigilators to give proper instruction in their class.... Rest is like an exam. Collect, evaluate, and announce the results.

6. Shortlisted candidate are then called for interview, You can take the Interview then and their itself or you can call them at your office in batches and carry out the rest of process.

I hope this answers your questions.

I request the HR fraternity to correct me if I am wrong or suggest me any better process.

Warm Regards,


Chrm Message From: satyendrapatnaik Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 27/05/2007  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 15/01/2010 05:49:24 Points: 10 Location: United States
I think that Campus Recruitments should be more inclined towards finding out the core group rather finding a novice in the lot.
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