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Top 50 HR Blogs
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Alisa Miller of Business Schools Directory published a list of Top 50 HR Blogs. My blog Talent Junction was at No.5 in the list.

The list goes here:

General Human Resources Information

From HR directors at large corporations to consultants to companies around the world, these blogs offer advice that can be used by companies of any size.

1. Evil HR Lady.
2. Human Resources Blog.
3. Perfect Labor Storm 2.0.
4. TriNet’s HR Blog.
Talent Junction. For businesses of any size, this blog offers suggestions and tips to help companies prevent and solve HR issues.
 6. Guerilla HR.
7. Human Resources 101.
8. Performance and Talent Management Blog.
9. HR Funda.
10. HR and Strategy.
11. HR Web Cafe.
12. Diggings.
13. KnowHR.
For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
15. EffortlessHR.
16. The Human Resources Blog.
17. Chief Happiness Officer.
18. Consultant’s Desk.
19. Human Resources Blog.
20. HRjungle.
Blogs for HR Professionals
22. The HR Blog.
23. The HR Capitalist.
24. HR Resource for HR Professionals and Trainers.
25. HR Thoughts.
26. Human Resources Executive Search.
27. HRIM Mall.
28. Breaking Human Resource News.
29. Green & White HR & Mgmt.
30. HR-Ambience.
31. HR View.
32. Human Resource Blog.
Other HR Resources
33. Seasonal Human Resources Blog.
34. Slow Leadership.
35. Zealize Blog.
36. Hidden Mojo.
37. HR Lawyers Blog.
38. Strategic HR Lawyer.
39. Dr. Mercer’s Pre-Employment Testing & Hiring Expert Blog.
40. Past Five.
41. Beyond HR.
42. Gruntled Employees.
Recruitment Blogs
 43. Cheezhead. 
 44. Recruiting Fly. 
 45. Magic Pot of Jobs.
 46. Recruiting Animal.
 47. Amitai Givertz’s Recruitomatic Blog. 
 48. Research Goddess.  
 49. A Recruiter Diary.  
 50. Recruiter Guy Blog.
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