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difference between PMS and performance
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Chrm Message From: ashish Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 10/02/2009
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 10/02/2009 04:17:48 Points: 10 Location: India

Can anyone tell the difference between PMS and performance appraisal

Chrm Message From: amit_wani Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 10/02/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 20/02/2009 10:33:24 Points: 10 Location: India

Hi friend,

Performance Appraisal is just a part of Performance Management System(PMS). PMS has greater scope which starts from Planning Work and Setting Expectations, Developing the capacity to perform, Continuously monitoring performance and Evaluating it.

Performance Appraisal only covers evaluation part for setting the parameters for Promotions and Rewards, Incentives etc.


Amit Wani

Chrm Message From: savi989 Total Posts: 70 Join Date: 10/02/2009  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 22/02/2009 03:49:39 Points: 350 Location: India

Performance Appraisal is part of PMS where as PMS is very much wider which includes defining KRA's & assigning weightage to them, setting expectation level & evaluating productivity of the projects assigned.

Performance appraisal is limited to the scope of evaluation on the basis of set parameters.

PMS included design of Various Appraisal Form dept wise, target wise, project wise. setting guidelines for eveluation, designing PDP, emphasising on post appraisal activities too. It is continous effort/activity.

Chrm Message From: veena.aski Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 10/02/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 21/12/2010 05:00:05 Points: 5 Location: India

What is Performance Management?
Systematically managing all the people in an organization, for innovation, goal focus, productivity and satisfaction--it is a goal- congruent win - win plan
why pms?   The Darwin law of survival of the fittest is in operation.
Organizations have to be necessarily be the fittest in order to survive.  where as the performance appraisal is :
It is the systematic evaluation of the individuals with respect to his or her performance on the job and his or her potential for development.


so for any further details plz post a mail