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As rated by Business Week

1. Dave Ulrich--Human Resources Michigan
2. Ram Charan--Independent adviser -- Various companies and schools
3. John P. Kotter--Leadership -- Harvard Business School
4. Gary Hamel--Strategy International Management -- London Business School/Strategos
5. Jay Conger--Leadership -- London Business School
6.* Peter F. Drucker--Strategy,Business Policy -- Various companies and schools
6.* Michael E. Porter--Strategy -- Harvard Business School
7. Peter M. Senge--Organizational learning, organizational change -- MIT (Sloan)
8. Stephen R. Covey--Author The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
9. Noel Tichy--Leadership -- Michigan
10.* C.K. Prahalad--Strategy, International Business -- Michigan/PRAJA
10.* Tom Peters--Leadership -- tompeterscompany!

Rankings were determined by a BusinessWeek Online survey sent to 514 companies. 210 replied, for a response rate of 41%. Companies were asked to rank the best providers of executive education and to list the "10 professors or management gurus" they considered "the most effective at teaching or facilitating learning." Professors, authors, and speakers with too few mentions were disqualified.