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Cookie Cutter approach to Change Management
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Chrm Message From: maheshwari Total Posts: 24 Join Date: 08/04/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 09/05/2009 17:25:47 Points: 120 Location: India

What do you mean by cookie cutter approach to change management ? Pls enlighten.

Chrm Message From: sanjibani Total Posts: 21 Join Date: 08/04/2009  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 09/05/2009 17:27:10 Points: 105 Location: India

A cookie cutter is a standardized process that one uses to solve a problem without taking into account its contextual conditions. For instance, during the days when process reengineering was hot, many people just surrendered their brains to BPR methodologies sold to them by some smooth talking consultant. They rammed the BPR methodologies down and then wondered why a great majority of them were diasters.

Here in the US, you could get internal funding for any damn fool project if you just prefixed your proposal with Process reengineering. People stopped thinking and hoped that the snake oil BPR salesmen Mike Hammer sold would work magic. When BPR started fading, in came Knowledge Management. Here the word was to boost connectivity by laying the infrastructure of pipes, joints and faucets so that people could just suck in all the information. Once again people failed to realize that God made methodology to be in
service of man and not the other way around.

In short, any device that causes people to suspend their thinking, imagination, intuition, cognitive biases and thestuff between the years is a cookie cutter. 

Hope this helped.



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