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Language Issue with Non English Speaking Employees

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Language Issue with Non English Speaking Employees

Hello All,

I am conducting a quick survey to find out what sort of problems HR managers and staff regularly encounter with non-English speaking employees. I run a translation company and want to find out how I can improve my services to my clients, as many have large numbers of Hispanic employees. These questions are meant to help find ways to improve working conditions for those employees, as well as the employer. I will be happy to share the results of this survey with anyone who is interested.

Here are the questions:

1. What challenges do you face on a regular basis with your non-English speaking employees?

2. If you could wave a magic wand and fix a problem or problems, what would those be?

3. Do you ever worry about immigration fraud by your employees?

4. Do you read articles or books on HR issues regularly?

5. Have you found any products (ie books) that have helped you in this area? If so what are they?

6. Is your employee manual translated into Spanish (or other language, based on your employees)?

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Best Regards,