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Soul of the Organization
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Chrm Message From: dipankar Total Posts: 45 Join Date: 27/11/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 31/08/2009 10:14:57 Points: 225 Location: India

The soul of your organization is its spiritual identity – its essence – its reason for being - its work in the world.

It is a condensation of the thoughts and emotions of all the people who formed it and now constitute it. It is a dynamic,evolving matrix of creative energy. The soul of the organization was given birth by its foundersas an expression of their hopes and aspirations, vision and values. Throughout time, the founding soul of the organization remains its taproot. However, the soul matures and changes over time. It is a dynamic energy field that accommodates the energies of all the staff that have followed the founders. The organization’s soul exists as an entity in the higher dimensions of mind and emotion. In the third dimension it is intangible, but like the wind, its effects are very visible. The organization’s soul can generate remarkable effects in third dimensional reality if a majority of those associated with the organization hold each other in high regard and pursue a shared vision of the future. In this instance, the shared soul energies achieve great coherence and generate a powerful multidimensional vortex that constellates reality events.

Outsiders perceive the organizational as magical and fortunate beyond belief. The organization thrives while other organizations in the same environment struggle to survive.

The soul of the organization both expresses itself through its members and also draws upon them for its support. It will be as strong and resilient as its members make it. It is a reservoir of shared energy. It energizes employees and is energized by them. The soul of the organization should be dramatically visualized in the organization’s logo and icons. It should be constantly fed and developed by its members through ceremony, rite and ritual. After all, the soul of the organization is a living thing. It contributes meaning to the personal lives of its members. At its deepest level it can access ancient archetypes and draw power from them. It is a shared energy field that heals patients, staff, family members and visitors. The soul of the organization can be felt everywhere in the institution but often is best encountered in sacred areas that are most conducive to it such as the chapel,labyrinth, meditation garden, and walking paths.

You can best cultivate the soul of your organization by becoming aware of it and by holding an intent to foster its grow. Go back to your founders and touch into their thoughts and emotions. Trace the historic development of your institution. It has just as unique a biography as you do.

Involve your staff in spiritual exercises that will feed the soul of your institution. By increasing the soul power of your organization you attract new resources, new people, and new opportunities.

Chrm Message From: Jyoti Rani Total Posts: 67 Join Date: 27/11/2008  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 01/09/2009 11:32:52 Points: 335 Location: India
Dipankar, thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts on the soul of an organization, yes, its the inner thoughts and aura of every individual that impacts the energies revolving in the office area, somewhere i have felt it many times.
Though, it needs that level of mental spiritual maturity to agree with such view and to feel it.
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