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Chrm Message From: ronald Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 24/06/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 23/09/2009 11:30:45 Points: 140 Location: United States

Hello, Most organizations do not have Integrated HR Software systems. Partly this is because good HR software is expensive and CEOs have other priorities when it comes to deploying capital.

HR Software is not seen as critical to HR processes and therefore most companies make do with Excel sheets and even paper for HR work. The sufferer is the ordinary employee who has to make do with lack of basic services that a good HR system would provide.

To overcome these hurdles, some service providers have started offering Internet based HR software which the user company can pay for based on functionality and number of employees. The software is set up very quickly and ready for use by the employees in a few weeks at the data center of the hosting company and the employees can start applying for leaves, marking attendance, reimbursing expenses, planning travel iteneraries, filing claims, declaring investments, getting salary slips all over the net.

All this happens with the company spending relatively small monthly amounts which can be expensed off.

This is becoming possible as internet bandwidth has become inexpensive and low intensity transactions like employee services seem ideal for this kind of topology.

Payroll outsourcing has been around for quite some time, but it is not integrated with HR. With HR also going the outsourcing route, companies will be able to focus on their real business and Employees would also get smooth basic services that they have always deserved but never enjoyed so far.

What do you think of this concept and would you agree that employee services would evolve in this technology and communication enabled direction.



Chrm Message From: debora Total Posts: 80 Join Date: 24/06/2008  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 14/10/2019 13:34:30 Points: 350 Location: United States

Most business owners agree that their employees are their most valuable assets. As such, managing human resources has become a critical role in managing a business. Yet for some businesses, the various functions of the HR department are too comprehensive and complex to maintain in-house.

Keep in mind, there are several HR specialty areas, including payroll, recruiting, benefits, compliance and more. In some businesses, an HR generalist may be asked to perform more than one of these HR functions, and that can often result in less than optimal results.

Here are the top ten advantages of outsourcing HR functions.

1. Cost Savings

2. Payroll and Accounting

3. Global Talent

4. Risk Management

5. Efficiency

6. Employee Development

7. Help with compliance

8. Reduce Employment-Related Expenses

9. Health Insurance Benefits


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