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Certification in Battery 5 Psychometric Assessment

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Certification in Battery 5 Psychometric Assessment

Use of Psychometrics in Corporate World! With a liability to build well groomed “people production lines” for organisations, the role of the HR is undoubtedly the most vital for any business. As companies graduated from profit conscious to people-oriented, managing and improving the employee life-cycle is essential for the growth of the organisation. Hence for managing talents and enriching the same Psychometric assessment proves to be an instrument to identify the strengths in the individual. Psychometric assessments are concerned with measurement of Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits (KASH) Psychometric assessments in HR functions revolve around key areas like Recruitment and Selection, Competency Mapping, Promotion and appraisal processes, Succession planning, Employee engagement, assessing leadership skills, Benchmarking internal people and the industry which will in turn help in gaining insight on factors like stability , communication, risk-taking, decision-making , leadership , analysing skills , interpersonal skills ,creativity of the individual/employee within the organization. As HR personnel, you will acquire skills & tools to empower your people through Psychometric Assessments. OMI’s Battery of 5 Psychometric Assessments emphasizes on changing attitudes of the individual so has to enable them to flex according to the environment, be it at work or off work and will also enhance the individual in reaching organizational goals. OMI presents a single 3 day Certification program for a battery of 5 powerful assessments to ensure that you acquire, foster and retain the ‘Right’ talent as part of HRO in your organisation. For further information on the Certification of Battery 5 Psychometric Assessments you can contact us on 080-41718771/ 2 or email us at KASH@oscarmurphy. com Program Dates: 4th, 5th and 6th December Venue: Hyderabad