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Certification in Behavioural Training Design

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Certification in Behavioural Training Design

Today in this fast paced world, what really matters is not just the knowledge and skills. It is all about ATTITUDES which can be the distance between success and failure. It is absolutely essential that we learn to bridge the gap between success and failure by unlearning our glue like mindsets, die hard habits and concrete wall like attitudes.

Given the present context, behavioral coaches with a passion for bringing about the right attitudinal changes by empowering the innate potential, talent and abilities in each of the employees through a process of self-discovery are the need of the hour.

It is imperative that training systems need to be carefully designed and evaluated to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of both the organisations and individual trainees in enhancing performance levels.

The solution to this lies in addressing behavioral issues at the roots through a systematic “inside-out” approach. This immediately puts the individual in the driver’s seat instead of the trainer by focusing on facilitating change from within rather than by operating outside the individual’s environment.

The needs assessment has to be bang-on-target with respect to what, where, when and who needs to be trained. Based on this information, training objectives can be specified. A plan of instruction for each training program can then be developed to meet training objectives. Sequencing of training events, deciding on the evaluation strategy and incorporating learning principles to maximize learning and transfer is what training design is all about.

Designing and delivery of training is a process that requires a lot of thought and effort to guarantee complete success.

For more information on designing a training program and enrolling in our flexi-learning Diploma in Behavioural Training and Development; or taking up our certifications in behavioural training design & training delivery separately, you can contact me at or You can also call us on 9180-41718771/2 or 0-9886638289.

Certification in Behavioural Training Design is scheduled from December 19th -23rd, Bangalore.

Registrations are ongoing right now! Make a difference to yourself to make a difference in the lives of others.