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How to Interview Effectively ?
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Dear Friends,

Here is an excellent write-up on 'Effective Interviewing'. For all my colleagues who were seeking for methods or ways on effective interviewing as well as its guidelines, I hope this article shall serve your purpose...

How to interview effectively
Interviewing should not be left to intuition alone or an unstructured approach. The right candidate will add value to your team, department and organisation. The wrong candidate can, at best, reduce productivity and team morale and at worst can destroy carefully laid out strategic plans.

Our course ‘Interviewing Skills’ stresses that preparation is a vital element that will save you time and money in the long run. We have listed a few of the points from the course that you may find will increase your interview technique.

1. Plan the interview
Thoroughly review job requirements. Know exactly what the job requires for perfect performance. This will allow you to make decisions based on factual evidence and not personal preferences.

2. Create the interview plan
Formulate job-related questions which help the interviewee give specific behavioural examples. These will give you an accurate indication of how the candidate will behave in the job based on their past behaviours.

3. Arrange for a relaxed and professional interview environment
Ensure there are no interruptions. This is vital for both you and the candidate to engage in a thorough two way conversation. Hold all calls and conduct the interview where you cannot see the office’s day to day operations.

4. Build initial rapport with the interviewee
Warm and friendly welcome. One of the greatest factors in influencing someone is the welcome you give them in the crucial first five minutes of a meeting. Make the candidate feel important by welcoming them personally and offering any help while they are waiting.

5. Communicate well during the interview
Listen to the way the questions are answered as much as the answers themselves. The best interviewers will only talk for about 20%-30% of the interview and invest the rest of the time listening actively for how the interviewee answers the questions. They will gain facts most interviewers miss by talking too much.

The rest of the article can be viewed at

Any members to add to this list of interviewing tips ?



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