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I just wanted to discuss a part of my responsibilities as an HR - Head of an organisation. Tradidtionally I think everyone use to mistake us for a guy who gives them salaries, calculated leaves, etc. etc. I know this for a fact that lot of employees also think that most of the HR Managers are nothing but Informants of the management. I can't say that their perception is wrong, becuase often we have seen that whatever is communicated directly / indirectly is communicated to the management. Now the point every HR manager makes is that - Am I not supposed to tell the management if there is a problem. I have a different opinion about this. I usually discuss the problem with the employee, giving the employee a full level of comfort so that the person can be absolutely candid with me. As a member of the senior management, I do have a reasonable idea as to what will be the end result of the entire exercise. I then try and logic it out with the employee. I will try and explain in every possible way to the person as to what is the right course of action. If I feel that the employee is justified I will put up their case in front of the management and will fight on the employee's behalf to the fullest as if it were my own case. So that even if the answer is in negative I need to be convinced so that I can convince the employee. (I usually do not refer to the person's name in the entire episode, unless the problem is very specific to a person.

On the other hand if management wants to pass on a new office policy I will pass it on to the employees only after I have had a full buy in of the policy. What I am trying to say here is that as a HR Manager - I will try to be a friend to the employee - my colleague.

I don't know how successful I am or will be in the future but I feel this is the correct course of action. Please feel free to give me tips about how you manage in similar situations.

I would like if we can all share our experiences in other aspects and areas, it would be good learning for everyone.



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