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Attrition- how to rectify ?
Human Resources » Attrition and Retention

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Hi Frnds,

I m doing my 45 days summer project in employee atrittion.. please suggest me some objectives reagarding this topic ?

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Attrition rate is the number of people who move out of a group over time.

In business, attrition rate is a measure of employee turnover, and helps you understand how well your retaining your talent.

A high attrition rate means that your employees are leaving frequently, while a low rate indicates that you’re keeping your employees for longer periods of time.

Calculating attrition rate at its most basic level is easy: just divide the number of people who left your company by the average number of employees over a specific period of time.

Annual attrition rate = 13 / ((50+65) / 2)

= 13 / 57.5

= 22.6%

The number of employees that left the company, 13, is divided by the average number of employees across the year (115 / 2, or 57.5).

This is the simplest way to calculate attrition. Of course, it doesn’t have to be annual; you could calculate it on a monthly or quarterly basis, as well. In fact, that may be a better idea.

Here, we have compiled the 5 best ways to control attrition using HR analytics.

Have the Right Data touch points for the Right Results

Look at Employees’ History

Individual Records for Individual Departments

Employee’s Personal Emotional Quotient

It’s not always about pay hike or promotion


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