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Employee Engagement
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Chrm Message From: Kokila Bhupal Total Posts: 19 Join Date: 26/11/2010
Rank: Executive Post Date: 26/11/2010 01:14:52 Points: 95 Location: India

We are planning to implement some of employee engagement activities like Sports club, Birthday celebration etc.,

we have 150 employees in our organisation.

Can anyone help in this regard..
Chrm Message From: ancheril Total Posts: 4 Join Date: 26/11/2010  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 27/04/2011 02:52:31 Points: 20 Location: India


For the Fun@Work activities, we can plan in 2 ways:

1. Online & 2. Offline.

Online can be, you can send puzzles or trick questions that needs to be responded and you award with points for each associate and at the end of each quarter you can reward the associate with the maximum points with either a dinner for family or some gifts

Offline is you can conducted regular activities like quiz programs or dumb charades etc during specific intervals and the associates gets points for it and at the end of each quarter you can reward them.

This quarter reward scheme can also be used as a platform to have your town halls as well.

These are some suggestions, this you can customize for your organization.



Chrm Message From: Swathi Mohan Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 26/11/2010  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 27/04/2011 23:18:46 Points: 10 Location: India

You can jot down different Sports & Cultural activities. Prepare the calender of these events for an year and circulate between the employees. Every month you can have these activities conducted and assign the job by making a commitee of the same. These activities should no affect the company productivity. Therefore make an Agenda and take an approval from the management. Finally employee engagement activities are not only fun but can also be used for employee- management interaction, building team work and being united.
Chrm Message From: savi989 Total Posts: 70 Join Date: 26/11/2010  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 04/05/2011 13:13:16 Points: 350 Location: India

Dear All,

I would like to append here a little more..

Before we design Employee Engagement activities, we should analyze need & principles of such platform. Budget, no. of activities in a month, execution requisites should be handy while planning.

Engagement activities provides employees to touch base with employees of different dept's & take a small break without affecting the work, environment & productivity of the organization.

some of the activities are as under:

1. Bithday celebration: all b'day of the month could be celebrated on last working day of the month

2. Festival celebration: state wise festival could be celebrated with same zeal & spirit

3. Coffee with HR: open discussion forum where employees could chat with HR on policy, process, procedure, entitlement, etc clarity

4. Quiz: online or offline or both

5. Top mgmt mass addressing on team/group bases every quarter so as to set connection b/w mgmt & employees

other initiatives from HRD could comprise of: HR News letter concentrating on new events, employee personal info sharing [addition/deletion in family], short motivational stories, learning & development emails [various effectiveness ppt], annual excursion/ trips, family get together, annual day celebration, PAT announcement party.

We should always keep our motive, feasibility, employees interest, budget & execution feasibility in mind.

Regards, Savita

Chrm Message From: maheshpp Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 26/11/2010  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 11/05/2011 11:52:34 Points: 5 Location: India


for employee engagement you can have following tools:

1.Celebrations of birthdays

2.Gifting of wedding anniverserie of employee

3.Annual Get together of management & employees

4.Annual picknic to tourist spot

5.Employee survey about the orgnisation

6.360 degree performance appraisals

7.Making awareness of social responsibility like tree plantaion in establshment & home premises

8.Free health check up






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