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Competency Deployment Model
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Chrm Message From: latika Total Posts: 17 Join Date: 08/04/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 29/10/2011 06:44:54 Points: 85 Location: India


My organization is in the process of deploying a new "Competency Model". Please guide me on how the same can be done effectively.

Will it be good to adopt it in a phased manner or all in one go?? What areas should we look at implementing it first??

Also, if anyone knows of any trainers/consultants who can help us with the same - please let me know.

Chrm Message From: debora Total Posts: 79 Join Date: 08/04/2009  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 07/11/2019 10:23:16 Points: 350 Location: India

A competency is the ability to use a set of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform “critical work functions” or tasks in a defined work setting.

A competency model (or competency framework) is a set of competencies – a blue print for success. It may apply to:

·         all staff in the organization
·         a level of leadership
·         a job role
·         a business function
·         a professional discipline
·         a particular job task

The purpose of a competency model is two fold.   On the one hand it communicates what is expected of staff, how they should do their job.  On the other it is used as a benchmark to ensure people have the skills they need for success.

Competency models  are used across all people management practices including;

·         recruitment and selection
·         on boarding
·         performance management
·         training
·         career development
·         talent pool development
·         succession planning
·         workforce planning

Competency models for values based behaviors and core competencies are often used as part of performance management systems.  These competencies may be assessed annually by staff and their managers.  There is a recent trend to include 360 feedback from colleagues – but there are some potential downsides to this.

·         Colleagues will not rate accurately when assessments are linked to compensation decisions
·         Assessments are likely to reflect the relationship as much as the competency being rated.
·         Not all colleagues will be in a position to rate or comment on all the competency standards.

For functional competencies an annual or biannual assessment is the norm.  There are a number of ways of achieving this depending on the competency framework;

·         Knowledge tests for assessing understanding and knowledge of principles and rules
·         Assessment by an expert or several experts
·         Self assessment moderated by expert or manager

Assessments can be supported by provision of evidence of competence – case example, image etc. 

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