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Challenges of PMS
Human Resources » Performance Management

Chrm Message From: kamalakannan Total Posts: 15 Join Date: 04/11/2011
Rank: Executive Post Date: 04/11/2011 04:50:14 Points: 75 Location: India

Hi Friends,


My question is to all HR professionals who are any how associated with Performance Management System.

Can you share your views on the challenges faced in Performance Management System. It can be from either of Appraisar's or from Appraisee's point of view.

Challanges can be in catagorized in designing, framing, implementating, communicating, linking or any other. Kindly make valuable contribution.

Thanks in advance.

Chrm Message From: donna Total Posts: 53 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 04/11/2011 04:52:07 Points: 265 Location: India

The only challenge in PMS is to communicate and set KRA's for employee's.



Chrm Message From: debora Total Posts: 90 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 23/08/2019 13:49:16 Points: 350 Location: India

There are a number of challenges that can prove to be an obstacle to effective performance management. Obstacles can include but are not limited to:

- writing a poorly structured strategy

- failure to communicate the strategy to stakeholders/staff

- failure to achieve buy-in of the strategy

- not measuring progress

- not holding at least quarterly strategy review sessions

- not taking the time to define success and celebrate it along the way

- not adapting to changing circumstances

- and not giving your team the necessary authority or tools to accomplish their jobs.

It’s vitally important to steer the strategic planning process effectively to avoid those common pitfalls.

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