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Employee satisfaction is a broad term to use in case of attrition and retention. There are various aspects which contribute to attrition and retention. Broadly you can categorize them into “internal” and “external” factors. The external factors which contribute to attrition and retention are a) Market Trends, b) Social changes, c) Political scenario, d) Climatic/environmental issues, which basically trigger the comfort and mindset of employees. Also the e) family/social status changes and social responsibilities of individuals contribute to attrition and retention. The internal factors which contribute to the above aspects are; a) retention policy b) compensation, c) employee engagement, d) work environment, e) employee welfare, f) recognition and rewards, g) career path and development, g) learning curve, h) work culture, i) retirement/exit policy etc. You may attach the employee satisfaction with the internal factors mostly. Also you may also add that if attrition is zero then there is not much happening in the organization with regards to development and growth

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