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Chrm Message From: anil kaushik Total Posts: 78 Join Date: 19/03/2006
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Dear Friends,
In any business scenario stakeholders expect clear indications/ explanations of how its various business components are creating/ adding value for their organisation. Creating business value of the organisation is a consequence of energizing and focusing its people to develop required intangibles. 

It is commonly understood that at the end of day it is the financial performance of the business which counts.  But, as far as creating value for the organisation is concerned, it is not only money. Money doesn't create value. Value creates money and it is people who create value. A person does not build a business. A person builds an organisation that builds a business. When HR becomes a creator of energy, drive, ambition, passion & commitment in others, organisation value is created. What are needed to manage are the above intangibles that produce value: energized employees could deliver outstanding quality and service. The real key for HR is the ability to get people sufficiently focused so that they eagerly and willingly strive for creating high value. 

Organisations have employment contracts with employees but they should also develop the psychological contracts with them. It creates emotions and attitudes that form and control behaviors at work. It is necessary for continuing harmonious relationship to share a common set of values. Trust is the basis of developing psychological contract and foundation of adding value to business too. HR can do it by understanding that trust cannot be fabricated. Trust is based on honesty, confidence and ongoing belief that organisations will follow through on their commitment to value creation.

But HR alone cannot create and add value to business and organisation. Line management has at least as big a role to play as HR in assuring people that can deliver competitive  success. A genuine partnership between two is the core of creating value to organisation. When HR professionals begin with the receiver in the mind, they can more quickly add value for key stake holders.

Business Manager March-12 issue cover feature is all about unfolding the trends and dimensions that will help creating business value through people. Indranil Banerjee, Regional Co-ordinator spoke to HR veterans like Dr. Harish Kumar, Ester Martinez, Kevin Tan, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Nadeem Kazim, R.P. Yadav, Dr. Chinmoy Sarkar, Mehul Kuwadia, Imon Ghosh, Chinmoy Kumar Podder, Vinayshil Gautam, Ranjan Sarkar & Soumitra Chatterjee.

Anil Kaushik
Chief Editor,Business Manager-HR magazine
B-138, Ambedkar Nagar, Alwar-301001 (Raj.)

The attachment file can be viewed at Knowledge Center >> Organization Development >> BM-March 12 Highlights.pdf
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