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Budgeting HR function
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Chrm Message From: nupurtilak Total Posts: 11 Join Date: 26/03/2012
Rank: Executive Post Date: 01/05/2012 20:52:21 Points: 55 Location: Kuwait
Dear Friends,
Please guide me or share any material on " Budgeting HR function". i need to prepare a HR budget for this financial year.
i am badly ineed of this and request you all to pl. help me
Chrm Message From: Total Posts: 7 Join Date: 26/03/2012  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 03/05/2012 13:03:31 Points: 35 Location: Kuwait

Nupur, when you say HR function, i hope you intend to control expenditure in relation to various HR functions from planning to recruitment, engagement, employee relations and seperation or perhaps even post seperation liabilities like pension administration etc. In otherwords you intend to cover the budget for running the HR department.

The other objective could be to control the Manpower Budget of entire company employees; which also at times refer to as HR budget. I hope this is not the one you are looking at.

In former, what you need first is to collect details of all such expenditure you incurred last year for doing various hr functions mentioned above. typically it covers, hr department employees salary and benefits paid, expenses incurred for carrying out recruitment function, consultant fees etc, general administartive costs incuurred towrads stationary, IT software , equipments, transport, expenses incurred for running canteen, security, training expenses, farewell functions, gifts, books, etc etc.

After that  prepare an estimate of likely expenses you can incur for these for next year; and if anything extra is likely to happen that also. as your Budget for HR functionsnext year. Get it approved and monitor expenses on quarterly basis to control expenses to stay within your estimates approved.


hope the above explanation helps/



Chrm Message From: mubasharw Total Posts: 6 Join Date: 26/03/2012  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 04/05/2012 01:10:38 Points: 30 Location: Kuwait

 Hi Vijay:

Thanks for your very valuable input as I am also interested in preparation HR Budget. From your reply I came  to know following which are included in HR Budget preparation.

- HR department employee’s salary and benefits paid (Salarie's of all company staff is not included…?)

- Expenses incurred for carrying out recruitment function

- Consultant fees etc.,

- General administrative costs incurred towards stationary, IT Software , equipment,

- Transport,

- Expenses incurred for running canteen,

- Security,

- Training expenses,

- Farewell functions,

- Gifts,

- Books

Let me know if any thing else not covered in above.



Chrm Message From: Total Posts: 7 Join Date: 26/03/2012  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 05/05/2012 01:24:12 Points: 35 Location: Kuwait

Guys, HR Department/function budget is different from HR/Manpower Budget for the company. The two are different and for different objectives. Please appreciate the difference.

Chrm Message From: Shiva Prasad Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 26/03/2012  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 12/05/2012 00:35:12 Points: 5 Location: Kuwait

Dear Nupur

please find herein atttached xl copy of HR budget sheet, it may meet your quaries


Dr. Shiva Prasad


The attachment file can be viewed at Business Form >> Budget.2005.xls
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