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NACE’s Graduating Student & Alumni Survey Results
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When new graduates were asked what they look for in an employer, the NACE’s 2005 Graduating Student & Alumni Survey revealed the following :

- Enjoy what they do

- Integrity of organization in its dealings with its employees (treats them with honesty and fairness)

- Stability (provides secure future)

- Ethical business practices (doesn’t cut corners or break any laws)

- Good benefits package

- Continuing education/training opportunities

- Opportunity for advancement

- People you will work with

- Job location

- High starting salary

Today’s college graduates are educated in a society that relies on the Internet to complete day-to-day work. With the Internet, comes access to information regarding most businesses, their competitors, other employment opportunities and salary ranges per industry/position. The best graduates will look for a competitive salary and great benefits package when searching for their first position.

Hiring trends are shifting from seasonal recruitment of college graduates to year round hiring with the extension in some candidates college careers. Hiring new college graduates is a decision that should take prior planning before the interview process. Know what type of candidate you are looking for, ask appropriate questions during the interview and make your selection based on relevant experience, professionalism, fit into company culture, education and enthusiasm.

Source : Excerpts from "Hiring Tips" from Career Builder India



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