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Sales Employees unable to achieve targets??
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Chrm Message From: kris Total Posts: 22 Join Date: 03/12/2008
Rank: Executive Post Date: 30/08/2013 01:14:38 Points: 110 Location: India

Is there anything that can be done for Sales employees who are unable to achieve their sales targets?

Putting them on Performance Improvement Plans / Developing a Phase Out Plan / In-voluntary Terminations are the last resort. Nonetheless, I seek your advice for such a peculiar situation wherein you can't afford to lose people after they having gone thru our SPIN Selling programs which is a cost incurred to develop them.


Chrm Message From: hremprel Total Posts: 7 Join Date: 03/12/2008  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 14/09/2013 01:40:07 Points: 35 Location: India

 Have you been able to gather as to why they are unable to achieve their targets?

Is it due their personal factors (capability, low morale / motivation etc.)?

Or is it due to external factors (unrealistic targets, market impact, difficult manager, etc.)?

Knowing what is impeding their achievement will help you look for right solutions.


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