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Change Management : Unified approach

December 4, 2015 06:59 AM 1
jothiramani shreya
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Change Management : Unified approach

Dear community,

There was a famous sage in the Himalayan Mountains. A group of people approached the sage with their problems. The people were asked to sit down in a circle on the ground and await his instructions. He went into his little cottage and soon returned with some sheets of paper, pens, and a small cane basket. He passed out the paper and pens, and placed the basket in the middle of the circle. Then he told the people to write down the one most important problem they were troubled by and put it in the basket. 

When everyone had finished, the sage shook the papers in the basket so as to mix them and calmly said, "Now pass the basket around and pick up whichever paper is on top. And read the problem written in it”.

One by one the people picked out a paper, read each other's problems and were horrified. They came to the conclusion that their problem, no matter how bad, was better than the next person's problem. Within minutes each of them exchanged their problems. When they finally had their original paper in hand they felt contented. 

But they had come for a solution to their problem! Now the sage asked the first one to read his own problem and suggested to the group to come out with possible solutions. At the end of the exercise, surprisingly, the problem owner got a better clarity of his problem and the best solution; so also all others. 

They thanked the sage and went on their way. 

- Looking at issues openly helps understand how the organization should move forward.
- Bringing people together in a common frame makes them feel recognized.