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Change Management: Training & Reinforcement

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Change Management: Training & Reinforcement

Dear colleagues,

Once upon a time the ambassador of a neighbouring country, a monkey, visited the king elephant’ court and presented a watermelon to the elephant. The fox, who received it on behalf of the king, could not hold the melon’s weight. It fell on his feet and the fox cried in agony due to the injury. The melon broke open and blood-like red juice was flowing from the flesh-like red pulp of melon. Seeing this, the animals got scared and thought that it was the egg of some strange dinosaur like beast and it had bitten the fox’s leg.

The ambassador-monkey was shocked and wanted to assure the king and other animals that it was a harmless melon. So he took a slice and began to eat it. The animals became even more terrified of the monkey than they had been of the melon. They nearly killed him and the monkey ran for his life back to his country. 

Soon from the melon seeds which had fallen on the soil, creepers grew and started bearing melon fruits. On seeing this, the animals were really terrified that the monsters were growing in their land. The king got scared and called an expert to kill the monsters.

Although the expert knew watermelon, he agreed with the king that it must be dangerous. He tiptoed away from the melon with the animals and soon he gained their confidence. He spent a long time with them in their homes until he could teach and train them, little by little, the basic facts which would enable them not only to lose their fear of melons, but eventually to cultivate melons themselves. At the end of the season, the animals had a good yield of melons. The elephant king was extremely happy to eat melons.

Before start of next season, the expert re educated them with advanced farming techniques such as use of fertilizers, watering, pest control etc... 


           - Unfamiliar situation  makes people nervous
           - Acceptance requires careful planning and education
           -  Re-education makes employees to achieve higher goals in newer situation.