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Change Management: Command a change

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Change Management: Command a change

Dear Colleagues,

Once upon a time, there was a flock of doves that flew a long distance in search of food, led by their king... One of the doves found some rice grains scattered under a banyan tree. The king asked the dove not to stop there but all of them were tired and so they landed on the ground. The doves were happy to find the food. As soon as they began to eat the grains, a huge net fall over them and all of them got trapped. The doves fluttered their wings desperately trying to come out, but it was of no avail. Just then, they saw the hunter coming towards them. He appeared quite happy to find a huge number of doves trapped inside the net. The whole flock was frightened on seeing the fowler. 

However, the king of doves was very intelligent and clever. He was upset that doves landed into trouble in spite of his advice. He did not want to lose time by explaining what they should do immediately. Instead he ordered in a commanding tone “ALL OF YOU FLY UP TOGETHER CLUTCHING THE NET IN YOUR BEAKS NOW!”

Hearing the king’s order, each dove picked up a portion of the huge net and they flew up together, carrying the net with them. The hunter was surprised to see the birds flying, along with the huge net. He ran after the birds, shouting madly, but could not catch them. 

When the king dove saw that the hunter had given up the chase, he said to his friends, "Now we all have to get out of this net. A mouse lives on the nearby hill. He is good friend of mine. Let's go to him for his help." They flew to a hill where the mouse lived. The mouse saw the king and his doves and waved to them. When they landed, the king told the mouse that they require his help to nibble the net and set them free. The mouse immediately nibbled at the portion of the net and one by one all the doves got freed including the king dove.


A leader knows to steer the organization and  the employees out of  a panicky situation