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Change Management: Resistance

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Change Management: Resistance

Dear colleagues,

A monkey-trainer was fond of monkeys and kept several of them in his house. He understood their language and they understood his.

Once when the country was stricken by drought and food was scarce he decided to reduce their daily ration of chestnuts.

He said to them: "From tomorrow, I'll give you three bananas in the morning and four in the evening. You will have to be satisfied with that."

The monkeys were very angry and created uproar with their chattering.

"All right, all right," said the master, after a while.

"No need to get so upset. I'll give you four bananas in the morning and three in the evening."

The monkeys were satisfied and immediately quietened.


Employees resist change for a wide variety of reasons such as personal or psychological or intellectual. But slowly they either give up the old or accept the new. In this psychological change process they begin to realize that the change cannot be ignored. At the end, the person accepts the change either negatively, with feelings of resignation and complacency, or positively, with renewed enthusiasm to capitalize on the changes.