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Dealing with Procrastination
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Chrm Message From: janak_champaneri Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 26/05/2008
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Dear colleagues,
Why don't we succeed in our careers? It's not because we don't have enough skills, knowledge, opportunities, passion and potentials, but  we fail because of our attitude to procrastinate. We put off things at the slightest difficulty. We think we have plenty of time and hope opportunities will come again and believe we will do it better later. But alas, opportunities are gone and we never do anything at all. 
I heard a story recently. Allow me to narrate it. 
It was the day of convocation in hell. Lucifer was ready to test his little imps as they were leaving their renowned management institute and he wanted to test them for the final time. He asked them what their strategy would be to make human beings commit sin and employ them in hell. 
"I will use the most classical approach", said the first imp. "I will tell them there is no God. People will live as if God is not there and they will commit plenty of sins."
"I will use a more intellectual strategy", said the second. "I will tell them there is no hell, so why worry, enjoy and live your life to the full."
"I will use a more practical strategy", cried the third imp. "I will ask them simply `why hurry'? There is plenty of time. Do it tomorrow or the day after, why do you want to struggle now?" 
The third imp was the first rank holder.
Silly story. But it has very powerful message. 
How often do we procrastinate and fail in our activities? How often do we regret "we could have done like that?" How miserable and frustrated we feel today because of the many excellent opportunities we missed in the past. Procrastination can sprain our legs and we  limb to our career instead of running to grab it with enthusiasm and passion. 
Its one of the major problems we face both in our personal and in our professional life. People who put off things that they can do today will never reach anywhere and will never be successful. 
Why do we procrastinate?
Reasons are many. But the primary reason is one of low self-esteem. We have a very low concept about ourselves and so we are afraid to take that risk of going ahead to achieve our goals. We are comfortable with our present situation. We don't want to change and commit ourselves to a higher goal. 
Another reason for procrastination is our failure to set goals for ourselves. The goals should be set along with a timeframe and this will help us to achieve our goals in time. Define specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals that can be achieved within a time frame. Find out what are the actions required to be done to reach that goal. Walk daily steadily and strongly towards that goal. 
A third reason for procrastination is our instinct to run after too  many things at the same time. In our career we need to focus our attention to our goals and nothing else. Our goals give us meaning, direction and purpose for our lives. When you are not focused, you will get distracted with many things and you will always find a reason to postpone and wait. If we have more than one goal, prioritise them according to their importance and need. 
Have a mentor for you to guide you in your career journey. They can help you to focus your attention and chase your goals instead of chasing something else. 
At the end of the day ask yourself whether you have achieved your target and if not find out why. This will help you in preventing your tendency to procrastinate. 
Irresponsibility and lack of passion are also reasons for procrastination. A responsible and committed person will never postpone things. He knows he is accountable either to somebody or to himself. Making excuses for everything shows you in a very poor manner. 
Beware of the little imp going around inspiring you to procrastinate. Decide now to defeat him. 
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