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9-Box performance measurement
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Chrm Message From: shaili Total Posts: 20 Join Date: 17/05/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 26/12/2016 04:38:24 Points: 100 Location: India
Hello friends,
I am interested to know about 9 box measurement tool for Performance. Can anyone help to share reference material or guidance about this tool.



Chrm Message From: srini Total Posts: 143 Join Date: 17/05/2009  
Rank: Leader Post Date: 26/12/2016 04:43:47 Points: 715 Location: India

Dear Shaili,

If i understand you correctly, you are wanting to educate yourself on the 9 Blocker Matrix.

Organisations want to identify the talent available in the system as early as they can so as to focus on these people to drive the growth of the organisation. Through this matrix, organisations not only identify the high performers but also identify the high potential people in the organisation.

This is called the 9 Blocker Matrix s all the executives fall in one or the other blocks of the matrix.

For sake of this tool...

Performance = Achievement of set targets in a predefined time interval e.g. 12 months, 3 months, 6 months etc.

Potential = Readiness / Appropriateness / Suitability of an individual to take up higher responsibilities / to take up a position at the next level.

With help of the above, an organization identifies the high performers and high potential people.

Organisations use the 9 Blocker Matrix to realise the gaps that exist within the system in terms of competencies, and take corrective actions either by developing people on these competencies or by acquiring these talents from outside.

Hope this helps to give you an insight to this tool.


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