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Bench marking of succession planning
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Chrm Message From: kamlesh.sri Total Posts: 17 Join Date: 30/05/2012
Rank: Executive Post Date: 02/01/2017 02:02:24 Points: 85 Location: India

How is succession planning done in your organization? I am doing a benchmarking exercise to understand this from perspective of various organizations. Your views and feedback shall be certainly helpful. 

Chrm Message From: janaki Total Posts: 32 Join Date: 30/05/2012  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 02/01/2017 02:06:53 Points: 160 Location: India

Dear Kamlesh - Succession planning can vary for organization to organization and is directly propotional to the growth and size . I am not sure if you can readily find data on such an exercise unless you boil down your research to a specific of this exercise, the reason being such an exercise can be unique to every organization.


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