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Friday - 18 Oct 2019 on LinkedIn
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Is your business ready for GDPR?
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GDPR, more commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation has become a hot topic in the recent months. This regulation is set to be rolled out in the EU and UK during May 2018. This will enforce stricter regulations on data protection, which is a huge deal for the IT industry especially.

Data storing and sharing can cause a lot of problems for any business, as the more technology is used to store information, the more susceptible to data breaches and hacking. For companies that collect personal data, there will now need to also be a greater transparency in how this information is stored and processed. 

It’s worrying to know that 97% of people don’t actually have a plan set in place which can be quite problematic for both the business and also the individual employees. With no real contingency plan set in place, individual workers could be held legally responsible should anything go wrong!

IT departments need to take action and to ensure that they do not fall short of the legal requirements of GDPR, which shall be put in motion from 25th May 2018. Personal data can range to anything from medical records, to home addresses and salary information. With data hacking on the rise, as IT professionals we need to become much more vigilant in our processes and to help to protect the necessary personal data.

Under the new GDPR laws, individuals will have the right to access the information you store on them and they will have the right to be forgotten (for their data to be permanently removed from your system during the end of their employment). This is especially a concern for temporary work contractors, as before these regulations, their information can be stored on the company systems for years after.

While GDPR might start out as an IT issue, any independent contractors would be wise to take out PI Insurance, which will protect against any loss. It’s also going to affect every area of business, from anything from sales, marketing and HR, so everybody needs to get on board and to create a better plan of action for 2018.