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Chrm Message From: david.wee Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 04/07/2006
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 11/07/2006 03:02:33 Points: 20 Location: Singapore
Can you help me? I am looking for pointers and articles on career guidance for fresh grads starting with contract jobs.

Contract jobs are not uncommon nowadays. Many fresh grads will get just a contract for their first jobs. How do they turn it into a perm contract, or what can they get out of it that will increase their employability after they leave their first jobs?


Pros and cons of a temp contract

How to make the best of it

How to find out if there are perm openings at your current company,
since not all positions are openly advertised

When should you start looking for another job, and how

Is it ok to leave in the middle of a temp contract the moment a perm position is offered at another company

David Wee
Chrm Message From: CHRM Total Posts: 209 Join Date: 04/07/2006  
Rank: Coach Post Date: 11/07/2006 03:48:48 Points: 1045 Location: Singapore

Dear David,

To start off with the solution to your queries, let me first cite few Advantages of Contract jobs :-

Contract jobs offer flexibility to both employees and companies. Candidates can choose when, where, and how they want to work. Companies get the skills they need to keep fully staffed during busy times.

- 64% of assigned employees say flexible work time is important to them.
28% of assigned employees say they chose contract work because it gives them the flexibility and time to pursue non-work interests.
- 81% of companies cite labour force flexibility as the overriding reason for employing contingent and contract workers.

Contract jobs provide a bridge to permanent employment. Candidates can try out prospective employers and showcase their skills towards a permanent job.

- 74% of contract workers say it's a way to get a permanent job.
- 72% of contract workers move on to permanent jobs.
- 40% of assigned employees are looking for their first permanent job or are re-entering the job market.

Many candidates choose contract work as an employment option. They can select their work schedule and choose among a variety of diverse and challenging assignments.

- 45% of contract workers prefer this alternative arrangement over traditional employment.
- 43% of assigned employees say needing time for family is an important factor to them in their job decision.
- 29% of assigned employees say they work for a staffing company because they like the diversity and challenge of different jobs.

Candidates gain new skills or polish their skills through the variety of jobs they are assigned to.

- 70% of contract workers say they gained new skills through their assignments.

As for the Disadvantages :-

The disadvantages of contract working such as downturns in work and periods without employment should be taken into account. Training generally has to be undertaken at the contractor's own expense, and if the contract comes to an end there is no redundancy pay to cushion the situation. Contractors also run the risk of getting a reputation for 'job hopping' if they leave several contracts before their completion

Whether you have decided that permanent or contract work is for you, it is worth remembering the basics of job search - commitment and clarity, to ensure success.

You need clarity in terms of knowing why you are changing roles, what you want from your new role, when you want it and how you are going to get it.

Alternatively, the article at this link shall also be of significant resource to help you on your queries.

The answers to the queries raised by you can be found above as well as at the link specified.

I shall be glad if you could drop a message in reply to this, incase this has helped..



"To must stay in the game" - Claude Bristol

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