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Interview - Tell me Something about Yourself..
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Rank: Coach Post Date: 23/02/2006 21:06:01 Points: 1045 Location: India

Dear Friends,

For effective & interactive participation from all members, let us consider this case below for a while now :-

It’s been some time now that I have been a part of the recruitment process, having sourced, headhunted, coordinated, interviewed and recruited people from diverse industries and backgrounds. Surprisingly, recruitment has always been a function where my strength has been and my interest been personified.

I assume, all of us might have learnt to interview people by either watching our seniors or remembering those few questions which were asked by your superiors to the candidates, so that you can ask the same when your turn arrives. In this period, there has always been one question that has ruled the interview process which is “Tell me something about yourself”, which I am sure must have been asked to everyone. Now, I have often been asked by my subordinates as to how to answer this question. Does the interviewer expect the interviewee to summarize to him the contents of his resume since he is extremely busy to have a peek at it ? OR he is bothered to look at the resume only when he feels that the interviewee has enough potential while he answers this question.

Somehow, I feel that the candidates these days are judged directly on their answering this question. But don’t you feel this is defeating the purpose of spending that time to develop a prospective resume and preparing for other competent questions ? , if the interviewer is just going to ask the same question and decide the fate of the candidate on that.

1] So, what do you people have your views on this ?

2] Do you think this question alone can be used to decide the fate of the person ? (atleast partially)

3] Is the uniqueness of each interviewer in asking their own self thought questions (after reading the resume) lost ?

Hoping for views, comments, discussions on this issue, as I feel all of you must be having their own piece of experiences to share. Also a request to all the non-active members to wake up and participate to learn more about this informative topic.


Saumil Joshi
, Founder

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Rank: Beginner Post Date: 13/05/2010 08:39:03 Points: 30 Location: India

Dear frds...

Mostly this question question is asked by the interviewer ,either in face to face interview or telephonic round .This is oftenly asked because the interviewer wanted to test how the candidate is framing himself /herself and his/her entire course of action(the entire educationa life or career).

Mainly when you answer for this question

1st you need to tell your full name then carri on with the latest education which you have completed then your acheivement in that particular course then cover your interest your hobbies etc.According to the time given to you and then viewing the interviewer's face and environment expalin about yourself.

This is mostly often question so frame it in time and environment of interview hall.

Mainly fresher have to frame it without mistakes...




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