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Tuesday - 30 May 2017 on LinkedIn
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3 Pillars of a Successful Business Partnership
My first business venture was a partnership. Working with another person with similar dreams was the only way I was able to get started as a business owner. We coupled my general business skills and money, along with his expertise and time. We operated three units of a local pizza restaurant franchise throughout the 1990's. I kept my day job, and my partner took care of the day-to-day operations of the business. I've gone on to experience less rewarding partnerships, and fortunately, much more fruitful ones as well. I now understand more clearly why I prefer working in teams, and how I am t
Talent Management Myths & Insights
With the direct rise in global opportunities, the Indian market is witnessing an exponential increase in the number of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The contemporary SME sector is shifting from a mode of being economy based to knowledge intensive business systems and business leaders need to accelerate and rework their talent retention strategies. The TM specialists believe that this initiative would help employees to continue their careers for a longer time.  Also, as per these experts, the purpose of such strategies should be targeted towards identifying, engaging, developi
Actions donít always speak louder than Words
“Actions don’t always speak louder than words” Your nonverbal signals won't always convey what you intended them to.  Maybe I feel more comfortable with my crossed arms, this is maybe due to my “baseline behavior”, someone judged may be “ I am not open” or ”I am not interested”, which may be not fully true. Actions don't always speak louder than words. Due to our baseline behaviors our  cultural differences, educational differences or may be due to some medical problem, our body language does not support our words.  
Compensation and Benefits challenges in Asia
As the economies of China, India, and the rest of Asia blossom, multinational companies are scrambling to set up their offices in these regions and make the most of the qualified and experienced local work force. However, when a recent survey was conducted amongst businesses having offices in different regions of the world, it was found that Asia emerged as the region that presented the greatest challenges to developing their global compensation system. Here’s a brief overview of the compensation and benefit challenges in Asia that most companies face: Centralized vs. Decentralized gl
Black Belt Projects of Six Sigma
In any organization, quality control, especially of its output processes, is extremely important for its overall success and growth. Therefore, many organizations have started adopting the Six Sigma methodology, which is nothing but steps or processes which any organization can use to ensure that the output processes are perfect in terms of quality. In other words, by the use of these processes, you are assured that your products or services are hundred percent free from any defect. However, in order to truly succeed in these projects, it is important to fulfill certain criteria or requirement
Are 'Train the Trainer' programs effective?
Training is extremely important for the growth of any employee in an organization. Under these circumstances, it is important that this training be conducted by trainers who are well versed with the functional and knowledge aspects of the training. However, not all those who are subject matter experts are good at imparting training to others. Therefore, train the trainer programs play a very important role in ensuring that proper training is given to all staff members. Training the trainer is something completely different from training your other employees. Thus, for such training to be effec
Advanced Product Quality Planning : FMEA
Quality of any product or service offered is the most integral part of any business. This is  why many steps and ways are implemented to ensure that you do not fail in producing the best quality product. Advanced product quality planning is one important method that helps in defining and determining the steps that will ensure perfect quality. One such method used for this is the FMEA or Failure Mode Effects Analysis. Understanding what this means and how it improves quality planning is essential for ensuring quality of product or service. Meaning FMEA or Failure Mode Effects Analysis is
Ideas for Good Manufacturing Practices
Ensuring the quality of goods manufactured is extremely important for the viability of the business. Such quality has to be consistent in the long run, and should conform to the quality standards of the industry that have been laid down by the law. Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP is a method by which manufacturing units, especially in pharmacy, ensure quality assurance of the manufactured medicines. Apart from conforming to quality standards, the medicines also match their intended usage. These practices not only define quality control in terms of actual production but also identify other
Human Capital: If you donít appreciate it, you will depreciate it
For most of us, capital means a huge bank balance or hundreds of shares. These are all form of capital, in the sense that they will yield you with a good income after a long period of time. But such tangible capitals are not the only forms of capital. Knowledge, understanding, ability, efficiency – all these are also forms of capital. These capitals determine the worth of a human resource. Since human resource plays the most important role in the success of an organization, such factors need to be assessed carefully and used to the optimum to help an organization climb the ladder of succ
Why HR Strategy needs to change with Business Strategy?
In most companies, the core function of the HR department is limited to handling administrative tasks. Often, no need is felt to align functions and strategies of the HR department with the company’s strategic plans. Even where such alignment exists, it doesn’t go beyond a forecasting function. The irony in all these situations lies in the fact that HR is all about people, which forms the core component of a company and its strategic plans. So, if you too have been reluctant to give your HR department a seat at the strategic planning table, it’s time to think about a change a

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