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Expand Your Comfort Zone

We are all resistant to change. Change unsettles us and we are accompanied by fear of the unknown. Under these circumstances we choose to stay where we are and this is what is known as the comfort zone. If we are happy where we are, then we are anxious about whether or not the change would bring in more happiness. If we are in misery we are afraid we would be more miserable if we changed. This is typically the reason why people are resistant to change jobs. “What if I do not like my new boss?”  ; “What if the work conditions are far worse than here?” But this makes us immobile and thus we do not grow. Growth involves discomfort and we need to ally ourselves with change if we are to evolve into better human beings.

There are some easy techniques to help us expand our comfort zones. While the techniques are easy, we are resistant to trying out anything new. We need to bite the bullet and get started. One of the most interesting modes to do this is to enroll in a theatre class. Trying to act on a stage and trying to be another character makes us very self-conscious but that is an ideal way to overcome fear and lack of confidence. It also helps us put ourselves in others’ shoes and be sensitive to newer perspectives. It might also become a great hobby to pursue.

For the next method you will need a paper and a pen. You have to write out names down in the middle of the paper or draw a stick image (it does not matter if you cannot draw well). The next step is to look around you and observe all the objects present in the room. You should then write down the names of all the objects you are comfortable about. These objects should be written closer to your name. Now write down the names of the objects that you are not comfortable with farther from your name. This will give you an idea as to what you may need to focus on in order to make yourself comfortable. Now that you know what you are not comfortable with, you need to see what you can do about that. Make a list of every object you can do something to change and work towards that change. What you cannot change, ignore them.

The same method can be used to expand the comfort zone with oneself. There are many qualities within you that you like and many that you do not. Write down everything you like about yourself and everything that you do not. For example, you may be a compulsive time waster. What you can do to change it is to keep a log for a week and see where your time goes. This will give you a sense of direction. In place of wasting time, take something you like about yourself or you like to do and put it in the time that you waste.

It helps to discover new things everyday and learn something new so as not to settle in boredom. You can take a new route to work everyday. Or you can write the first page of your novel. Writing three pages everyday after you wake up set the tone for the day. Comfort zones are comfortable only if they are grown and nurtured.

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