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Qualities of An Excellent Manager

Manager is the driving force of the organization. However experienced you are, one always looks up to her superiors for guidance. With every person credited with her own positive traits, there will always be something to be learnt. Manager enjoys immense powers as a leader. The power inevitably demands outstanding qualities.

The leader should be dynamic and energetic. She should have the drive to guide the subordinates to their personal, team and organizational objectives. She should be able to identify her positive and negative traits and take measures to overcome the negative aspects. The leader should move with a vision in mind. Moving with an objective in mind induces the others to create a goal and explore the opportunities presented by the company for the fulfillment of their objectives. Moving with a goal in mind has the power to imbibe interest on the changes in technology, thus ensuring a talented knowledgeable work force. The well-informed work force is more open to challenges in the work. They analyze the various means of doing the work, improving their innovative skills. Any problem put before them will be analytically studied resulting in better options for doing the work.

Manager is the ‘team leader’ who leads the team to excellence. She should possess good communicative skills to ensure that the meaning of the message sent across is well understood by the team members. She should be ‘humane’ to understand the needs, ambitions, fears and aspirations of the team members. On having a clear understanding of the same, she should coach them, monitor their activities, and provide a feedback on the basis of the actions. A manager who understands the emotions of others can inspire exemplary results.

A good manager seeks enthusiasm in every action performed by her. Enthusiasm is contagious and can bring about a positive attitude among the other employees. She is ready to face every challenge, and sees them as an opportunity to excel in her career. No task is impossible for her. This attitude being contagious draws commitment and good team effort.

Manager should have an analytical mind to analyze the various pros and cons of a given situation. She should be capable of taking decisions in short notice. She should have control over her emotions and should remain calm during the time of crisis. A tense disoriented manager who loses control over the situation exudes a negative air on the team members and the company as a whole.

Maintenance of communication skills, both verbal and written, ensures a better relationship with the management, team members and the customers alike. The objectives, strategies, plans must be well communicated to draw fruits. The performance of the team can be improved only when they understand and recognize their strengths and weaknesses which the manager is to identify and communicate. She should also have good marketing and selling skills to draw customers to the company. The manager should lead a disciplined life, giving due respect to the time. All reports should be sent on time and drafted well. She should be in possession of persuasive skills to get the work done within the time schedule. Completion of task calls for delegation, and trust lays the foundation for delegation.

Thus the manager should be a mentor, guide, leader and a coach to the team.

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