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Role of an HR Generalist Manager

The role of the HR generalist manager varies with the size and policy of the companies involved. In small undertakings, it is the task of the HR generalist manager to handle all matters related to the human resource management which requires him to have an extensive knowledge on all aspects of HR. In larger organisations, he might be assigned with the task of a director who is to supervise and make suggestions on all elements that are connected to the employee relationship. This article tries to identify some of the major tasks undertaken by the HR generalist manager in any organisation.

The actions of the HR generalist manager must be customer focused by directing the employee actions to better customer satisfaction achieved through high employee productivity. To ensure that the right person gets appointed to the right job he might monitor or conduct the selection and the recruitment process. He has to keep track of the new tools for recruitment and its impact on his line of business and adopt them wherever applicable to make his appointments effectual. The HR generalist manager has to supervise the induction management and the orientation training given to the employees to make them feel at ease with the new environment. He must synchronize the team building programs to inculcate employee awareness. His role extents to evaluating the advantages of hiring external or internal trainers depending on the ROI made. He should possess the desire to learn and thus lead his team by example.

The generalist manager will have to supervise the performance appraisal systems and bring about adequate modifications to the same. This might require him to keep vigil over the attendance, leave and overtime of the employees. He has to do proper assignments of task amongst the employees preventing unnecessary overtime or absence of work. By keeping watch over the work he can bring out suggestions for recording improvements within the system. He is to ensure that the reward and remuneration system is in line with that of the competitors in the industry and is capable of retaining the employees in the long run. Causes for availing sick leave for days more than the allotted limit must be analysed and necessary changes must be introduced into the system to create a better work-life environment.

The HR generalist manager might be required to take part in the HR strategy which requires him to perform manpower planning. A well planned strategy also expects him to plan the succession to guarantee uninterrupted flow of quality work. He is also responsible for communicating group announcements related to restructuring key appointments, retirements and promotions to the employees. The generalist manager can supervise the exit interviews and try to figure out the cause for employee attrition besides laying out better terms to retain key players within the entity.

The generalist manager has to supervise the various disciplinary measures introduced into the system. He must possess a strong interpersonal and communicative skill to identify and investigate matters relating to employee dissatisfaction, conflict management, sexual harassment, and other grievances. He might be expected to act as a mediator between the management and the employees to successfully deal with differences between them.
In short, an HR generalist manager has to introduce employee policies, ensure compliance to various laws and procedures, monitor changes and manage time and people through proper introduction of change, mediate during times of conflict, introduce competitive reward and recognition system and perform proper appointments and dismissals effectively.

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