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Role of HR in managing Disruptive Employees

The job of people management has become an arduous task over the recent years. The increase in the scale of the operations has led to the induction of a huge number of employees from all walks of life. In many cases urgent manpower requirements are met without a proper background check resulting in the employment of people with disruptive behaviour.

An employee is said to have a disruptive behaviour when he bullies, shouts or use excessive control over other employees on a continuous basis. Disruptive behaviour from the part of an employee interrupts the smooth functioning of the team leading to poor team morale, higher stress and negative team performance. The impact of the same is greater when the disruptive behaviour is from the supervisor.

As the disruptive behaviour has a highly negative impact on the fellow team members, the HR should create the platform for its early identification through clear, concise and timely feedbacks from within the teams and the co-workers. A timely and early report can help in the introduction of measures for its eradication before it can result in a highly destructive outcome.

As the first step, the HR can call for an informal meeting with the offended and inform him on the ground rules of the organisation like treating the employees with dignity and respect. Care should be taken to inform him of the negative feedback in private. The HR manager can suggest corrective measures that are to be adopted by the employee. If the employee refuses to pay heed to the corrective measures, he must be warned again stating the stipulated time limit for making the adequate changes. Refusal from the part of the offended to change is then to be considered as a disruptive behaviour.

The HR must provide adequate support to the employee by providing him formal counselling to make the necessary modifications. Absence of proper measures or ignorance from the part of the HR against the actions of the employee can result in the loss of faith in the management amongst other employees, thus ending in high labour turnover. He must ensure that the ignorance of the word of warning by the offended must be followed by drastic measures depending on the organisation policies which might vary from demotion to suspension or dismissal of the employee.

Preventing the presence of disruptive employees requires a conscious and continuous effort from the part of the HR. A thorough check on the professional and personal history of a potential candidate before his appointment can give an insight into the expected behaviour, thus preventing the appointment of people with distressing nature. Similarly it has been revealed that the existence and support of a coach can guide an individual in identifying his strengths and fighting against the weaknesses in his nature.

The role of the HR is crucial as they have to keep their eyes open for the quick identification of people with disruptive behaviour to prevent employee attrition which has a negative impact on the profitability of the concern.

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