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Ensuring Safe Work Environment

According to the statistics provided by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), more than 125 million workers worldwide fall prey to occupational hazards and diseases in a single year. Here lies the grave importance of ensuring a safe work environment. The safe work environment, in the true sense, acts as a moral impetus, which in turn help the employees to deliver the best results in their domain area.

To avoid fatal and dangerous health hazards at the workplace, adequate measures have been adopted in offering the employees safe and healthy work environment. In order to ensure safe work environment, a properly designed effective Safety and Health policy needs to be implemented in the first place. Apart from this the other vital points include :-

a) Active participation, involvement and inspection by the top management can ensure the implementation of Safety and Health policy for the betterment of the employees irrespective of creed, colour, caste, sex etc.

b) Proper and effective education and training to the employees about the importance of a safe work environment.

c) Strict benchmarks are to be maintained so that all the employees working together feel the belongingness in maintaining and spreading the impact of working in a safe work- zone.

d) Making the employees aware in complying with the relevant statutory rules and devise appropriate standards.

The diseases and the health hazards caused due to unsafe work environment usually take a huge toll on the organization’s Human Resources. As a result, the qualitative aspect of the workforce suffers a lot in comparison with the developed economies. Due to unhygienic work conditions, the workers of India are much more prone to many deadly diseases and other health hazards. That’s why companies should make all efforts to maintain a safe and comfortable work environment.

Tabulating and analysing the causes for accidents in the work arena is another way of ensuring a safe work environment. Effective handling of employee stress, avoiding burnouts, usage of modernised work equipments are some of the measures to ease out tension from amongst the employees and thereby establish a comfortable workstation.

The concept of ‘ergonomics’ is another way of ensuring a better work environment. ‘Ergonomics’ refers to the study of relationship between the people and their work environment that plays a pivotal role in creating a demand for establishing a hygienic work area. In an ‘ergonomic’ workplace, the equipments are modernised, which reduces the occurrence of frequent fatal health hazards.

Last but not the least, frequent training and development regarding safety rules, regulations and guidelines also help the employees in generating an urge to build up a safe, comfortable, hygienic and hazard free workstation.

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