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Job Satisfaction Survey

Job satisfaction among the employees is essential for the survival and progress of an organisation. An enterprise - whether large or small, cannot flourish without the fulfilment and well being of its human assets. Job satisfaction implies the individual response of the employees towards their respective jobs. A happy and satisfied employee is more enthusiastic, committed, loyal and productive than a discontented employee. Some of the major elements that involve job satisfaction are adequate working environment and tech support, chances of further growth, promotional facilities, employee benefits, timely appraisals and rewarding of talents. Since job satisfaction and productivity are inter-dependent on one another, it becomes inevitable for an organisation to devise methods to measure its employee satisfaction. Job satisfaction survey is one such popular method of evaluating job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction survey is a simply way of assessing the emotional state of the employees in an organisation – whether the people are in a pleasurable and congenial state or they are unhappy and resentful. Today, organisations are identifying the need of job satisfaction surveys to ensure a positive work culture that leads to the increase of the company’s annual turnover. The surveys can be done in the form of directly interviewing or questioning the employees. Some concerns collect data through forms or pamphlets where the employees put their feedbacks by choosing from multiple options that are provided.

A job satisfaction survey may contain questions like: 

- Whether the employees are satisfied with the management’s activities 
- Whether they require any training or support to increase their performance 
- Whether they are pleased with the current working ambiance 
- Whether they are contended with their higher authorities which could be their reporting head, team leader, supervisor, manager etc. 
- Whether they are having a sound relation with their team members and colleagues 
- Whether they are satisfied with the HR related issues 
- Whether they are getting sufficient employee benefits 
- Whether they are happy with their appraisals, rankings, allowances, perks and pay-packets 
- Whether they are adequately merited and rewarded for their contributions 
- Whether they have opportunities for individual professional growth 
- Whether they are aware of the latest achievements and goals of the company 
- Whether their opinions are valued by the organisation

The employees can also furnish their own views and comments on any particular issue. They can even write over their personal concerns and grievances. This makes it easier for the management to bring in changes or discuss the matters, where necessary. Job satisfaction survey is an effective way to gauge the attitude and reactions of the employees regarding their role or work in the organisation. In the current business scenario where most organisations are experiencing employee dissatisfactions, job satisfaction surveys are considered by the management to be the apt way to retain the talent pool of the organization.

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