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When is the right time for an HR Expert ?

HR - the two-letter word as simple as it may sound, works as a life force to the growth, success and future of an organisation. It is Human Resources that deal with the most cherished corporate assets of an organisation - its people. HR is an integral and indispensable function of an organisation or group. Its contribution to the company is undeniable. From staffing, hiring, training and recruiting employees to handling their performance, pay-roll and other personnel issues, HR department has a lot of activities to perform. Every organisation feels the need of an effective HR to sustain and utilize their valuable workforce to the best of their business advantage. So, the question arises - when is the right time for an HR expert?

The need of implementing an effective HR expert arises when a company flourishes and its work force increases along with the increased opportunities of work. With greater work force and work capacity, the organisation finds it difficult to manage HR related matters. It recognizes the need of a specialized department led by talented professionals to take responsibility of all people related issues. Enthusiastic, upbeat and a physically and mentally sound workforce ensures a high quality of service and productivity that ultimately leads to the profit and success of an enterprise.

HR services differ from one organisation to the other. HR experts are hired according to the need of the company. Since recruiting is one of the key functions of HR, the need for at least one HR person is always there to bring in the best of work force for the company’s interest. To have a separate HR department and a team of HR experts is quite expensive. A small concern generally keeps a single HR professional to handle all HR matters like that of employee recruitment, employee orientation, performance analysis, appraisals and salary issues. Instead of hiring a full-timer, some small scale organisations also hire consultants who advise and instruct as part timers on several work force issues, as and when required. The large firms have a separate HR department with a team of HR professionals. The seniors work as advisors dealing with crucial issues like cost management, company metrics while the juniors handle the basic HR issues. In today’s business scenario, the need for HR professionals have become more viable since the success of an organisation depends not only on the productivity or high quality services but also on its people-friendly work culture that can be obtained from its appropriate utilization of human assets.

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