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Reward Productive People

We are all surrounded by people who believe that it's just not worth making extra efforts at the job if the salary / emoluments are fixed. This is where the theory of productivity / incentive / reward kicks in – the more you work, the more responsibility you take, the more results one shows, the more rewards you will get from the organization. In other words, you have to be visible to the Management.

But the onus is on the boss and the firm's management to identify highly productive, committed, and innovative people in their organizations and not only reward them, but also make them stay.

Here the Management needs to have a strategy in place:

In case more work is done than agreed upon, he shall not make the effort go in vain.

Although paying bonus, ex-gratia is mandatory as per the legal provisions, the above verse can be used as a yardstick to check if employees are discharging their functions much more than what they are expected to do in terms of quality & quantity of work.

If the answer to this is in affirmative, then the Management must ensure that ‘extra' efforts are compensated in terms of rewards or incentives. The said incentive can be in terms of monetary / non monetary reward. But how could a boss keep track of his employee's productivity?

Keep Notes

It is important for the Departmental Head, Director, CEO to keep notes of people who are extremely productive. They are the assets to any organization. People who are sincere, dedicated, committed are essential in every company & they are the pillars of any organization. While it is good to keep mental notes of the staff's performances, it would be best if these could be written down for future reference. These noting could be reflected in employee's annual appraisal.

Look for new opportunities

 A leader should keep looking not only for new business opportunities but also for opportunities that can be given to productive people. The basic logic should be that an employee who has been extremely productive & useful to the organization needs to be a part of any new and wonderful assignment which offers growth & reward. Today in many organizations the Management apart from compensating people with various types of rewards also considers rewarding them by involving and giving responsible functions. Such actions of Management are applauded & appreciated by one & all.

Promote When Required.

When seniors in an organization find that certain people are extremely good, they should not hesitate to promote, elevate & upgrade them. Promotion does not mean far more than just giving a higher designation. It can mean salary rise, a share in profits, or even an opportunity to head a new assignment. Thus, the people feel empowered and recognized within the company.
The verse goes like this. "People do not leave organizations, they leave their bosses." In today's context "People should not leave their organizations due to lack of identification of their skill by their bosses!"

The article has been written by Mr. Iyer Subramanian, General Manager (HR & Admn), Vijay Tanks & Vessels Private Limited, Vadodra,Gujarat.

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