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Friday - 19 Jul 2019 on LinkedIn
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When Technology Meets People

Human resources, as the name suggests, mean the human touch of an organization, or in essence - its people. However, modern day growth of technology and the need for using it in every sphere of organizational development has often had hardcore HR professionals feel that they are more involved with machines than actual people. Given this situation today, it is important for all HR professionals to understand the exact situation that occurs when technology meets people and the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

• Enhances smooth functioning of organization: One of the major reasons why HR managers and professionals today prefer using technology in the human resources section is that it enhances smooth functioning of the organization. Self service software available today ensure that all employees can easily access their pay details, pension information as well as other important organizational information simultaneously without having to undergo long procedures or waiting periods for the information. In other words, with the simple click of a button, all the requisite information is made available to them, which means that they can act on the information so given without any delay.

• Improves productivity: The use of technology also helps the HR manager keep abreast of the exact needs and requirements of each employee without being overloaded with information. In other words, where an employee is demonstrating certain skill sets, which if worked upon will bring better growth to the organization, such information is readily available with the HR professional. This information can then be used to improve the productivity of the individual in question while also ensuring overall growth of the organization.

• Easily integrates with other software: With people being the core of all HR functioning, it is important for any software used in this industry to seamlessly integrate with other software already being used in the organization. The biggest advantage of most HR technology and software available today is that it can easily integrate and merge with existing software, making it really easy to perform all HR functions. So, whether it is tracking of applicants or charting their in-house training needs, you can do it without worrying about integration.

• Selecting the right technology: As with any other technology or software purchases, when merging technology with people, you need to select the right one that meets your needs. Flexibility, scalability, level of automation as well as the level to which your organizational rules and regulations can be supported should be the deciding factors. Similarly, it is important to choose technology that grows and develops with your organization rather than remaining stagnant.

Unlike any other domain, use of technology in HR processes carries a threat of dehumanizing the entire concept of HR with it. However, where you strike a balance between the personal touch and that of using technology, there is really no problem.

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