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Monday - 19 Aug 2019 on LinkedIn
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How can HR command a 'Seat at the table'?

It is important to understand that HR is more than a mere function or department in any organization. In fact, it can actually contribute towards the company’s strategic planning and development. However, traditional HR methods have ensured that there is no seat at the table for HR executives. One of the most important aspects that HR needs to change about them in order to procure that seat at the strategy planning table is in terms of its understanding of the business. In other words, it is important that HR translates its activities into profit spelling activities for the business, if it wants to have a role in strategy development and planning.

Here are some ways in which HR can command that seat, which will enable it to exercise its role in strategy planning.

  • Understanding the analytics

    When talking about commanding a seat at the table, it is important to show the impact that HR has on the overall profitability of the business. In other words, it is important to emphasize more on the return on investment on HR rather than concentrating on the processes. For instance, if you believe that training needs more investment from the business, you should prove how training impacts the overall profitability of the organization.

  • Match needs with competencies 

    For any company strategy to be successfully implemented, it is essential to provide skills, knowledge and the necessary abilities. This is made available through the employees who are recruited/trained by the HR department. When HR is given a seat at the table, it understands the direction of the company better, which enables it to ensure that the right kind of employees are hired for the implementation of various strategies. Strategy planning meetings are events where the exact need in terms of future talents is discussed and finalized. Under these circumstances, having an HR person on the table will help you analyze whether you need to recruit someone new to reach your 'To Be' state or you can do with training or using the existing resources of your organization.

  • Knowing your workforce

    Employees are the backbone of any organization, especially with regard to the successful implementation of business strategies and plans. Under these circumstances, ensuring that your employees feel that they are responsible for the company’s  growth will automatically make them motivated, committed and engaged, which will dramatically increase their performance. The role of any HR personnel is mainly in terms of ensuring that the company has its own mix of employees who are either mission critical employees, people with unique skills that help build that competitive edge over others, the daily operatives as well as those whose capabilities can be outsourced. This knowledge not only facilitates to understand the exact stature of the organization but also helps in allowing the HR to respond to any queries regarding growth or rebalancing or even reductions. Thus, by ensuring that HR has a seat at the table, you are able to decide on future strategies more effectively. 

With these three basic factors in conscious thought, it is possible for HR to demand a seat at the table, given that these are crucial areas where having HR personnel at strategy meetings will definitely prove to be useful for the overall business.

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