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Management Schools
Mis-communication - a must read short story
Dear Radhe, This is a hilarious story and enlightens on how miscommunication can create blunders in daily life. Thank

Mis-communication - a must read short story
Dear colleagues,   This is a short story written by Dr Kishore Shah who i

Half-hearted effort will produce half-finished...
One of the earliest lessons that we learn in school is that `every work is

Sigmund Freud's Priorities
Dear All,   I would like to share this Sigmund Freud's Priorities:

Difference in attitude
There is very little difference in people but the little difference can mak« More


Team Compensation
Success of any organisation is woven around its workforce and their team effort. “When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality” - Jo
Assessment Tools for Better Hiring
Employees are the form of backbone for a company; this maxim becomes more profound especially when it is a knowledge industry. With such power vested in them, it is imperative that the compa
Talent Management - A Vague Concept
Talent management is an important management function that deals with the hiring of right talents in the right place and at the right time. From attracting and exploring talents to recruiting, nurturi
Keeping morale up in the face of Competition...
A leader’s position is an eternally challenging one. While he has to ensure that due credit is given to all in good times, he also has to play the role of a motivator and inspirer in bad times.
Dyslexia in the Workplace
Dyslexia is a form of learning disability. It is a neurological disorder that is a consequence of differences in the way the brain is “wired”. Dyslexia is a disability based on language; a
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Attention HR / L&D professionals, OD Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Change Facilitators
Description :  The Mentors & Enablers, Business partners with EXtended DISC India and part of Internation
Description :                  &nb
Hiring for Your Small Business? 4 Things to Keep In Mind
Description :  Small businesses need talent as much as any other company but they don’t usually have th
All In One TDS on Salary for AY 2014-15
Description :  In the recent time the Tax Payers have been raising day to day. Also it is laborious to prepar
Attention HR / L&D professionals, OD Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Change Facilitators
Description :  If you have been concerned about your next career move, passionate about having an edge over o
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Q & A

What are different sources of recruitment ?
In today’s competitive and demanding corporate environment, hiring and retaining good talent h
How do we develop a Staffing Plan ?
A staffing plan can be defined as a template that aids the processes involved in recruitment, screen
What are the tips for Employee Orientation ?
Employee orientation is the process of introducing the employee to the company, its mission and its
How to ask for a pay raise ?
There are situations in the career of all employees when the employee may perceive that the compensa
How to conduct an effective job search ?
The average worker has to search for jobs many times in his career. Fresh out of college, he searche
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Business Forms

Form 10D-EPS
Application for Monthly Pension
Employee Analysis
Emphasis on personnel specification and regression analysis to determine weightage on job related in
Social Security Number Form
Form for Allotment of Social Security Number
List of Charge Sheet Formats
It includes a list of formats required during charge sheet purposes.
HR Budget
HR Budget
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Management Schools

Find management schools, institutes and universities for students and corporate management development. Get an insight into easy correspondence with the management school of your interest.

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Vendor Directory

Find Vendor Consultants servicing and specializing in various functions pertaining to Human Resources and the Management domain. Be it Staffing to Organization Restructuring, the vendor consultants have been categorized according to your areas of interest « More

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