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Management Schools
How to use kaizen to improve a Process?
Once you have identified a work process on which you want to apply the Kaizen me

Difference: Executive Assistant & Secretary
The difference between a Secretary and an Executive Assistant is that a secretary has a series of tasks they perform and

Difference: Executive Assistant & Secretary
For the sake of drafting a job description for both these roles, how to differen

Can outsider be appointed as enquiry officer?
The first rule is that almost all firms have Disciplinary & Appleal Rules (DAR). Therefore the provisions of DAR hav

Can outsider be appointed as enquiry officer?
Dear Janaki, Yes, there are instances where a person not on the compay payroll has been appointed to conduct internal a« More


Pressure Point Index
Pressure points are those areas where the application of pressure on the specific ‘key’ points can yield an outcome. The generated outcome could be positive or negative depending on its im
Secrets of becoming a Great Recruiter
With a great demand for the skilled workers, being able to provide the organisation with the required talent within the stipulated time is considered to be a great achievement. This is the job of a go
Credibility in Public Speaking
“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” (Lee Iacocca). Credibility in the words spoken convinces the audience to tr
Organization Risk Assessment
Organization risk assessment deals with the risks and opportunities that affect value creation and preservation of an organizational entity. In other words, organization risk assessment deals with ide
Diversity in Leadership
Businesses operating from a great many countries to explore and exploit the potential markets resulted in multi cultural entities who have a huge mixture of employees with different outlook to life. T
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Attention HR / L&D professionals, OD Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Change Facilitators
Description :  The Mentors & Enablers, Business partners with EXtended DISC India and part of Internation
Description :                  &nb
Hiring for Your Small Business? 4 Things to Keep In Mind
Description :  Small businesses need talent as much as any other company but they don’t usually have th
All In One TDS on Salary for AY 2014-15
Description :  In the recent time the Tax Payers have been raising day to day. Also it is laborious to prepar
Attention HR / L&D professionals, OD Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Change Facilitators
Description :  If you have been concerned about your next career move, passionate about having an edge over o
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Q & A

How to conduct an effective job search ?
The average worker has to search for jobs many times in his career. Fresh out of college, he searche
What is Collective Bargaining ?
Collective bargaining is the term used to describe negotiations between employees and an employer. T
What is Disaster Planning ?
All organizations, firms, corporations will probably face unforeseen incidents and disasters which w
What is a Happy Sheet ?
The "happy sheet" is the form usually handed out to trainees at the end of a course to fin
What concerns should we have when planning a company-sponsored event ?
Every company has events like picnics, parties and get-togethers in its yearly calendar. These event
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Business Forms

Employee Satisfaction Survey
View by employee for satisfaction
Employee Correction Form
Purpose is to ensure that indecent conduct & behavior is not repeated.
Letter of Appreciation
For good conduct, performance and moral behavior.
Provident Fund Form 13
PF Transfer Form
Leave Adjustment Form
To adjust leaves and compensatory offs
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Management Schools

Find management schools, institutes and universities for students and corporate management development. Get an insight into easy correspondence with the management school of your interest.

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Vendor Directory

Find Vendor Consultants servicing and specializing in various functions pertaining to Human Resources and the Management domain. Be it Staffing to Organization Restructuring, the vendor consultants have been categorized according to your areas of interest « More

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