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Thinking and Feeling

While travelling on a train in first class I happend to see an 8-9 years boy with a trouser on and a dirty shirt in hand; sweeping the compartment.

His weak, dirty and bad smelling body made co-travellers think and talk -  What a situation, 1st class passengers have to see such people in the compartment

After having floor of the compartment wiped with his shirt and making it reasonably cleaned; boy looked into the eyes of 1st class people ( including me ) sitting there. He did not ask or uttered a single word. Waited for few seconds. No one responded. He left for cleaning the compartment next.

He left me THINKING. My intelligence was at work. The questions arised were - Why was he doing this ? Was it his duty ? Was he doing by his choice ? Was he begging ? What was his expectation ? What was his intention ? Was it his destinity ? What care his parents should have taken of him ? Was he home less ? Why railway's coach cleaning staff did not do it ? and ..... I thought I am very good at thinking.

While narrating the incidence with my 10 year son after returning home at the end of productive day;he asked me a question - What did you do ?

This was a challenge to my THINKING ability.

I replied, nothing.

He looked straight into my eyes and left the room. Returned after few minutes with one of his old shirt in his hand which I knew he liked the most. Stood in front of me. Looked at me and said, keep this in your bag. If you meet him again, give it to him and smiled.

I realised, what is the difference between THINKING and FEELING.

Are children our best teacher to teach us complex therories of human relations to be practiced ?

I FEEL YES, What about you ?

Author - Akhil Sutaria 

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Posted: 07/01/2012 01:18:00

i have read many blogs but this time
this blog has totally struck my mind and heart
at the same time.Yes i do feel the feeling of
selfless and being selfing is beautifully controled
by the childs.

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