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Matter of Upbringing

A shepherd had a herd of 20 - 25 sheeps. Every morning, the shepherd would take his herd of sheeps to nearby jungle for their grazing of grass which was available in plenty in the jungle.

One fine morning, when the sheeps were grazing the grass and the shepherd was relaxing under a tree, he saw that a very small cub tiger had strayed into the area. The cub tiger was cute and beautiful. The shepherd went to the cub and lifted it up in his arms. The cub was wagging its friendly tail. The shepherd brought the cub tiger to his house and made a small home for it alongwith the sheeps.

The cub tiger became friendly with the sheeps very soon and started growing up in their company. Though the cub tiger needed a different food, which the shepherd used to make available, the cub used to go to jungle alongwith the sheeps everyday and used to play around.

Everything was going fine till one morning when the sheeps were busy grazing grass and young tiger was playing with them. Suddenly one sheep spotted a large ferocious looking tiger coming towards them. The sheep shouted....."heyyy !! there comes a big tiger, save yourself, save yourself".

Hearing this SOS cry, all the sheeps started running away for life. The cub tiger too started running away for its life alongwith the sheeps.

The shepherd could not stand this sight. Reaching home, he caught the cub tiger by its neck and shouted ......."I could understand the running away of sheeps. But you are a tiger yourself. Why did you too run away ?"

The cub tiger had no clue as to what wrong it had committed.

Moral of the story :-

1.The values and beliefs get formed in the childhood itself.

2. Our responses are based on these values and beliefs.

3. We are known by the comany that we keep and seek.It always matters in our life, more so during childhood /adolescent age.

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