Life Roles
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Each one of us is here on earth to perform a role that has been assigned to us by the creator. There is no exception to this rule.

These roles are inter-woven to form a unified field of actions by which the universe is run. The creator involves us in the overall scheme at every step. If we perform our roles mindfully every thing goes on peacefully, effortlessly. All the trouble we experience in life is simply because many of us have forgotten our roles. We end up interfering with others; in the process wasting energy and resources.

There are two aspects to our roles. The primary aspects involves tasks which we are expected to initiate. The resources needed to do this are available to us, including qualities that we have to bring into play. No excuses are available for non-performance. The secondary aspects of our role are supportive. We are expected to respond to others around us and provide them help in the performance of their primary roles. We do not initiate. We only respond. Having given help our role is done. We are not supposed to follow up and insure that the help is used. It is left to the other. This would lead to non-interference, to the principle of live and let live. Together the two create the unified field of action.

In this scheme there is no reward-punishment system. All that we have is not a reward (or punishment) for past actions. These are only resources to perform our roles effectively. The difficulties are lessons, feedback, to help us make the desired changes in our course. If we take it in that light then the difficulties would be short lived, temporary tremors and every thing will become smooth again.

If it is so simple how come most of us are not clear. We go through life like blind persons, groping and searching, bumping and falling, striving and struggling and perpetually lost and abandoned. I do not wish to go into the why. This exercise compounds the confusion. I have found a way out of the mess, which I wish to share. I have used it and found clarity. The light is not at the end of the tunnel, it is at hand right with us. We have to stop searching for it elsewhere.

Stop imitating. Stop looking up to other people to provide guidance, to lead the way. Stop competing with others. The resources are not in short supply. There is enough, in fact more than enough, to perform our roles Stop complaining and grumbling. When we complain, we have already identified the problem. That is half the job done. Now in stead of expecting someone else to initiate remedial action, begin the process yourself, that is perform your primary role.

Do this and see life transforming into a wonderful play, which it is.

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